AY2019 LIMS program Recruitment for for the Third Year Transfer Students

The first recruitment has been CLOSED.

1. Eligibility

By April 2019, applicants must have passed the entrance exam to proceed to the doctoral (PhD) course at one of the following graduate schools: Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, or Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

(1) Applicants must have academic ability through learning experience and/or work experience, equivalent or superior to the level set by the program
(a)Applicants who have completed more than 10 points of credit in medical subjects at University or Graduate School. (These must include Human Anatomy and Physiology as compulsory courses)
(b) Applicants who have completed more than 4 points of credit in English subjects (for example, English debate, Listening, Speaking, etc.) at University or Graduate School.
(c) The above English subjects may be substituted by the official score results or certificates of TOEIC (more than 700 points), TOEFL or IELTS.

(2) Applicants who have more than 3 years of medical work experience (for example, at hospitals, rehabilitation center, medical and Welfare facilities, Palliative care facilities, etc).

2. Application

According to the following Application guideline, send the necessary documents by registered express mail or submitted in person to the LIMS Office.
(Refer below for the address to send your documents)

Get a guideline and application form at the office

Application guideline 2019 for the Third Year Transfer Students

Application form 2019 for the Third Year Transfer Students
*Please print out A4 size and double sided.

*If you request to be provided the original documents or results of English common examination ( according to 3-ⅲof the application guideline), please contact to LIMS office so.

Application period:21 February (Thu) ~ 26 February (Tue), 2019 by 5:00 pm

3. Selection method, schedule

AO Examination
An AO examination will be conducted as a selection method. Successful applicants will be selected through a comprehensive evaluation based on the results of the English common examination (the submitted score will be converted using a conversion table) and AO examination, together with the letters of recommendation and the contents of the submitted research plans.

Schedule of Examination:One day during 7 March (Thu) ~ 11 March (Wed), 2019

Announcement Of The Results

The end of March, 2019 (estimated)


* We prepared FAQ pages for applicants. Please refer to FAQ —>For Application & Selection.

Training Program of Leaders for Integrated medical System for Fruitful Healthy-Longevity Society, Center for Educational Program Promotion in Graduate School,
Kyoto University

Room 402, 4F, Science Frontier Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine Campus
Konoe, Yoshida, Sakyo, Kyoto, 606-8501, JAPAN
TEL: (+81) 75-753-9334

For those who wish to apply via e-mail please contact here.