Course Structure & List

Course structure

5-year doctoral course
4-year doctoral course
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Course list

1 Engineering Mechanics and Dynamics, Fundamental; Medical Electronics; Basic Materials Chemistry; Biomaterials; Continuum Mechanics; Molecular Analysis of Life; Image Processing Basics
2 Pharmaceutical Sciences Biopharmaceutics
3 Medicine, Biology Human Anatomy; Physiology; Medical Chemistry; Gerontology, geriatrics and aging science; Regenerative Medicine; Genome Cohort Study
4 Medical Ethics Medical Ethics
5 Mathematical Sciences Basic Mathematics; Introduction to Numerical Simulation
6 Health Economics Health Economics; Intellectual Property and Global Standardization
7 Medical Engineering Medical Engineering for Society I, II
8 Interdisciplinary Application Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Pathology, Radiology); Minimally Invasive Therapeutics; Biomaterials and Artificial Organs; Medical Informatics; Inspection Equipment Studies, science research equipment; Medical and Life Support Systems
9 Debate Debate, Negotiation
10 Internship Industrial and public parties and foreign countries
11 Pre-research Take the initiative to investigate and plan in preparation for the special research theme, while getting guidance from teaching staffs (5-year program only)
12 Research For the LIMS research, students should move beyond the borders of a single existing field or a single laboratory’s research expertise when setting up their project.