Personal character aim and Career paths

Leaders for Integrated Medical System– Personal characters and Career paths

This program is going to train leaders for integrated medical system. Followings are examples of personal characters for the leaders

  • – An innovative person of advanced healthcare field, with extensive knowledge of medicine and medical care, advanced engineering technology, and the ability to design of “kind to the aging society” medical support equipment system.
  • – A leader who understands the specific needs of an unprecedented aging society, possible to invent a new method for improving independent living and social participation of the aging people.
  • – A leader who understands deeply health economics problem of an unprecedented aging society and be able to cope proactively.
  • – A leader who is able to create a medical industry with global standard.

 This program would expect to create and develop its own quality students, professions and disciplines which have not existed yet.

  • – in the industry, to create new services and business models; to tow the preparation of support systems, based on the consideration of the general life of the aging society.
  • – in universities and research institutes, to develop the field of normal daily life practices, based on novel wisdoms in medical, science and engineering.
  • – Venture business
  • – in government and government organizations, to establish a system that can measure the vitality of the society; to make efforts to build quickly a social implementation, based on the results of research and development from industry-university cooperation.
  • – in international organizations, to conduct successfully and widely advanced medical and nursing care support systems; to contribute this Japanese high quality model for fruitful of healthy-longevity society to other countries and regions in the world.