We perticipate in Kick-Off Symposium for Kyoto University ASEAN Office (March 17th)

Kyoto University is going to establish a new office in Bangkok as a central hub for its research and education activities in the ASEAN region. To celebrate the opening of the office in May, Kyoto University will hold a kick-off symposium on Monday, March 17th, 2014.

LIMS Program has been developing collaborative networks with Asian Universities and putting emphasis on recruitment of Asian students. In this context, we support Kyoto University’s ASEAN Office project. Dr. Dinh Ha Duy Thuy (M.D., Ph.D., LIMS Assistant Professor) contributes a brief introduction on LIMS activities in the brochure of the kick-off symposium.

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アセアン拠点冊子用 事業紹介報告書_LIMS_5