Laboratories associated with LIMS program will be the host for the AMGEN summer scholars program

Kyoto University has been selected as one of the two host universities in Japan to participate in the AMGEN summer scholars program (an undergraduate summer research program in science and biotechnology) from fiscal year 2015 onward. At Kyoto University, the period of the AMGEN scholars program will be from July 1 to August 28, 2015.

Many of the faculties which are associated with the LIMS program participate in this AMGEN summer scholars program. Therefore, besides the obligatory activities of the AMGEN scholars program, students, who are interested in the LIMS program, can have a chance to participate in some activities of the LIMS program.

Details can be found at the following sites:

・Kyoto University Organization for the Promotion of International Relations (OPIR)
・List of faculties (OPIR)
・Amgen Scholars on Kyoto University