Financial support system

Admitted students who satisfy all of [1] to [6] eligibility requirements for recipients will be supported with a maximum monthly allowance of 200,000 yen.

The amount and continuation of allowances will depend on the performance during the selection procedure, and academic achievements evaluated by teachers and mentors at the end of each academic year.

The names of recipients will be posted at the campus and on the LIMS homepage.

Since this program is a part of the “Program for Leading Graduate Schools” which was set up by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – JAPAN (MEXT) the financial support system by the Program for Leading Graduate Schools is planned to last until March 2019.

Eligibility requirements for recipients

[1] Those who are successful applicants of this program.

[2] Those who are receiving no financial support from any scholarship or stipend (*1)(except for a tuition waiver by Kyoto University(*2)).

However, students who declined financial support from this program, will be able to take training in this program while receiving other scholarships, such as a scholarship from the Japanese government.

[3] Those who are not receiving or expecting to receive any remuneration including wages for part-time work, with the exception of honorarium payments relating to the publication or presentation of research results, copyright fees or royalties, or a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) allowance which is deemed essential to the program (up to 5 hours per week).

[4] Those whose period of enrollment in a graduate school at Kyoto University does not exceed the standard course duration by more than one year (not including any period of temporary absence).

[5] Those who are deemed to have achieved excellence based on their grades and scores in this program.

[6] Those who agree to continuously pursue their education and research during the consistent graduate education of this program.

(*1) There are several other scholarships and stipends which cannot be received concurrently with this scholarship. Recipients of this program will NOT be eligible to receive any of the following:

・ The Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
・ A Scholarship or loan from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
・ A Scholarship from the Japanese government (The Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports,Science and Technology [MEXT]) as a government-sponsored foreign student
・ A Scholarship from an organization in one’s home country
・ A Scholarship from Kyoto University, etc.

(*2) Students may receive other financial support including an entrance fee waiver or tuition waiver from other funding sources.

Loss of eligibility for financial support

Recipients who fall in one of the following categories will lose their eligibility for financial support:

(1) Those who lose one of [1] to [6] requirements of [Eligibility requirements for recipients] above.

(2) Those who submit a letter of declination of the financial support from this program, and the letter is accepted.

(3) Those who submitted false statements in the application documents of this program.

(4) Those who stop studying, quit school or are expelled from school.

(5) Those who are subjected to disciplinary action, following the Kyoto University General Rules.

Income taxResident’s taxSocial insurance Obligations

Please note that the scholarship is subject to income tax (*3) and resident’s tax. Recipients are also required to enroll in the National Health Insurance Program and the National Pension Plan.

(*3) You must file a tax return by March 15 each year.

 i.   Because allowances of this program are considered as “miscellaneous income”, they fall into taxable incomes, according to tax laws.

ii.  After the annual tax declaration, recipients must submit documents clarifying the payment of income tax and resident’s tax to the LIMS Office. Tax offices will accept tax returns until March 15.

iii.  Recipients will have to register to the National Health Insurance and National Pension Plan individually.

iv.  It is important to note that recipients will not fall into the special system of National Pension Insurance for students (Note: discount systems by prepayment or account deposit are available).

v.  For international students, please note that tax payments depend on the presence or absence of a tax treaty between Japan and their home countries.

vi. For further details of procedures, please refer to the office of the municipality (city, town or village) in which each recipient resides.