In a globalized world, oral communication skills and debating abilities are of utmost importance. Therefore, all potential candidates for our program have to participate in an English language debate once in the period from being notified that they have passed their faculty’s entrance examination by the day before the mathematics examination. This debate will take 1 to 1.5 hours and will be one-to-one. It is an opportunity for the potential candidates to test their ability in English debate. Therefore, candidates should be well-prepared for the debate.

Time by appointment, weekdays from 17:30 to 19:00.
Place Kyoto University, Yoshida Campus, Graduate School of Medicine.
Registration For registration please send an email using your email account assigned by your current university or corporation (no free e-mail) to debate{at}lims{dot}kyoto-u{dot}ac{dot}jp. We will contact you with further details.
Preparation and Material Candidates should choose a topic from a list which will become available after registration. They should also choose whether they want to argue for or against a motion (pro or contra). This choice does not have to reflect the real opinions of the candidate. For preparation, English articles on the chosen topic will be given to the candidate as a starting point for further research.
For inquiries please contact Christian Altmann, PhD, Program-Specific Senior Lecturer

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