♦2018 Selection procedure of Master’s course and Doctoral course students

1. Application

According to the Application guideline、send the necessary documents by registered express mail to the Research and Educational Unit of Leaders for Integrated Medical System (LIMS) Office (Refer below for the address to send your documents).

Application period:Nov. 30 (Thu) ~ Dec. 4 (Mon), 2017 must arrive by 5:00 pm

*All applicants (including returnees from abroad) must also attend the Debate Class by the day before the mathematics examination. (Refer to the Debate Class page for instructions)

2. Selection method, schedule

Details of the selection procedure or financial support system can also be found in this PDF. (English in latter part. Please pay attention. There are no application documents in this file.)


Each applicant is requested to take the TOEFL[iBT/ITP], TOEIC or IELTS test taken after 1st July 2015 and submit the official score results or certificates (original documents) to the LIMS office by 5:00 pm on Friday, December 15. [Personal submission of the official score results or certificates will be accepted at the examination room before the start of the mathematics examination, on Saturday, December 16]. If the original documents of the official score results or certificates have already been submitted to the offices of graduate schools of Kyoto University for the entrance examination procedure, or if you sit a TOEFL[ITP]exam, you must ask the graduate school you pass the entrance examination to send the official score results.  The applicants must contact with the LIMS Office and obtain score-forwarding form and submit it to the offices of graduate schools. The submitted scores will  be  converted  using the  conversion  table  of  this program.

Application as a returnee from abroad
Applicants who have been using English for researches or studies abroad for a long time may be evaluated for their English language proficiency without TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS tests. Those applicants, who fall under this category, shall submit the following documents to the LIMS office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 5:

○ Certificate of enrollment or completion (expected) in junior high schools, high schools and undergraduate universities (equivalent of the Japanese school system).
○ Official transcripts from the same school or university above.

The applicants will be evaluated and may be exempted from TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS test based on the score statements. If submission of these documents is difficult, please consult the LIMS office.

*However, these applicants must take the Debate Class, as all others, within the specified period.


The written mathematics examination (undergraduate education level) will be held in English on Saturday, December 16, 2017. The answers can be written in English or Japanese.(Details of place and time will be announced to applicants individually.)


Each candidate who fulfills the required criteria of this program for mathematics and English will then be evaluated through interviews. The applicant will be evaluated by two program faculties and thus two days of interviews will be arranged between 10th (Wed) and 11th(Thu) of January, 2018.


Applicants who live outside Japan applying under recommendation of the President of their universities or Dean of affiliated faculties where they belong to at the time of application, will undergo selection method A or B (see below). Those applicants, who fall under this category, shall contact the LIMS Office by e-mail. Selection method will be decided and details will be announced to applicants individually.

 A Mathematics report (Assignment to be announced on Monday 11th December) and Online AO selection
 B On-site selection (written mathematics test, interview) and Online AO selection

(Contact the LIMS Office on details of countries or regions of local selection.)


○ English and Mathematics: Tuesday 26th December, 2017
○ The final result: At the beginning of March, 2018 (estimated)


Research and Educational Unit of Leaders for Integrated Medical System (LIMS) Office
Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research
Kyoto University
Konoe, Yoshida, Sakyo ku, Kyoto, 606-8501
TEL: 075-753-9334

For those who wish to apply via e-mail please contact here.